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This website page depicts the actual forms used for fuel injector service, and the pre and post ultrasonic cleaning test results provided for my fuel injector service.


If you are anything like I am, then you want to know what type of service you will receive on you vehicle's injectors, as well as the information on pre and post cleaning testing ... that is...PRIOR to...sending your injectors.  You are not dealing with a middleman, or a service rep, wherein you cannot talk directly to the mechanic who did the work.  You are talking directly to me...I do the work.


I trust the following injector service form will provide the detail you need, and would likewise indicate the extent to which I intend to provide all those details.


The forms depicted below show an actual injector service performed on a 1988 Jaguar XJS, V12, HE engine, on March 24, 2006.  Certain portions of the forms have been deleted...for protection of the buyer.  


An explanation of the forms will follow the below scanned photos.








The upper 1/3 portion of the form (page 1 and 2) shows the pre cleaning test results.

The mid 1/3 portion of the form  (page 1 and 2) shows the post cleaning test results.

The lower 1/3 portion of the form (page 1 and 2) shows the flow rate variation, as well as percentage variation for each injector...from pre testing to post testing (after cleaning).


Page 3 is a composite evalution of pre and post cleaning results, that depicts pre and post flow rates and standard deviations, % variations in pre and post cleaning, as well as post cleaning average 60 second static flow rates (for the set), at 3 bar pressure.


NOTE:  My revised testing report (not shown above) also includes data on each individual injectors' 60 second static cc flow rate (wide open).... both pre testing, and after cleaning post test flow rate the industry uses static flow rates [expressed at a 60 second static (wide open) rate].  Most results will be shown at 3 bar pressure.  These rates are shown in a new column located to the right of the 50% duty cycle column.  Injectors cannot safely be held open for a continuous 60 second period. The coil is likely to overheat and fail.  Therefore, the static rates are derived by applying a simple conversion formula to the 50% duty cycle rates.  The lower portion of the report page will likewise show results for the static rate.  



I have stated this in several locations on this website.   The most important consideration in injector performance is that the flow rate is equal among ALL injectors.  An unequal injector flow rate will cause loss of HP, poor vehicle emissions, and lower than expected fuel economy.  Your O2 sensor(s) cannot properly compensate for unbalanced injector fuel delivery. For the reason why, you need to read my page on O2 sensor and injector operation.  Click HERE for that information.


Every set of injectors tested is done in the above manner.  Jags and all others injectors.


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